Thursday, 27 September 2012

Molto importante!

Buonasera tutti!

A BIC executive member will be visiting Italian classes this week and the following to recruit members!
All information regarding the weekly club agenda is as follows:

Meetings: Thursdays 11am-12pm (time has been changed) 
Homework Help: Thursdays 12pm-1pm (time has been changed)
Club Room: MCA 222

The club room is in the Modern Languages Undergrad Lounge located in room MCA 222.
A calendar of events will be posted on the blog very shortly for the month of October!

Meetings are not mandatory but if you would like to make any suggestions regarding club events or become an executive member it would be beneficial to attend.

Homework Help will be open from 12pm-1pm, there will always be one executive member available. If you are having great difficulty with a concept taught in class, please email BIC ahead of time so that we can be prepared in order to put our best efforts forward!

Voting for Executive positions will take place on Thursday, October 11th. The time and location for this meeting will be posted on the blog. We will also be posting the available executive positions next week, so keep referring back to the blog if you are interested in becoming an executive member! During the meeting, nominations will be made for each position, and based off the nominations made, we will have a democratic vote.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for Italian Club, please feel free to stop by on Thursdays between 11am-1pm, or email BIC President Carina Magazzeni at

Grazie mille!

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